About us

Alex and Jeff met in 1997 in San Diego while stationed at SEAL Team-1. They became quick friends and have since operated together worldwide. Unsatisfied with the standard nutrition available they set out to create a world-class product.

As all SEALs know it's the strength of the team that makes the difference.  We relied heavily on some of the best minds in the business to make FrogFuel a reality.

Alex and Jeff partnered with Dr. Ed Walker PhD, and consulted with Dr. Joyce Gilbert, PhD, RD, LD/N to create FrogFuel. Without them, and many others behind the scenes we would not have this incredible product available today.


  • Product Quality: Professional Grade. FrogFuel is the same medical-grade protein used by health care professionals in various fields including wound and post surgical care. It’s a complete protein with all amino acids that has been fortified and enhanced.
  • Effectiveness of Product: Immediately Effective and Efficient. FrogFuel is broken down with an enzyme during production allowing it to be absorbed in its entirety rapidly by the user. Collagen protein provides support to skin, muscles, joints, hair, and even teeth.
  • Convenient: Minimal Size, and Ease of Consumption. FrogFuel is super-concen trated allowing for 15 grams (all bioavailable) of protein in 1oz without mixing on demand.
  • Suitable for Different Missions: Regular or Energized Protein. 80mg of caffeine provides energy to stay alert, focused, boost metabolism when needed but not so much to cause jitters.
  • Durable: Extreme Temperatures and Environments, Shelf Life. FrogFuel can be stored unrefrigerated in hot or cold temperatures unopened for 2 years. The packaging is durable and small enough to be carried with ease and without worry.

FrogFuel is truly a Top Shelf nutritional product. All of us at Frog Performance sincerely hope that you find it improves your quality of life and provides you the optimal nutritional support you’re seeking to compliment your lifestyle. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We gladly look forward to hearing from you. ~FP-AU