FrogFuel is a medical grade Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein supplement and while many people understand the part protein plays in regards to muscle development there seems to be a distinct lack of knowledge and misinformation regarding collagen protein.
FrogFuel liquid protein starts working immediately at the cellular level to increase strength, prolong endurance, and accelerate recovery. The patent pending formula includes enhanced amino acids and taurine for maximum power.  Because of its rapid absorption FrogFuel can be taken before, during, or after a workout and provides the optimum nutrition to exercise for sustained periods at peak performance

FrogFuel is a Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein which means that the protein is already ‘pre-digested’ so that the body can absorb the protein without having to break the collagen down. This means that the absorption rate is very fast as the protein is in the form needed for the body to use straight away.
But even with the efficiency of the protein increased that still leaves the problem of an incomplete protein. FrogFuel has thought of this and they have added enhanced Amino Acids to the protein to ensure that the collagen protein is a complete protein with all of the benefits that come from maintaining healthy collagen levels, such as:

  • Lean muscle gain
  • Muscle tone
  • Skin toning and thickening
  • Joint rebuilding
  • Arterial strengthening
  • Thickening of hair and nails
  • Organ rebuilding: heart, prostate, lungs, liver, kidneys, blood vessels etc.

Our digestive system breaks down protein into peptides and amino acids, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body. For the body to utilize the collagen protein found in foods and most supplements the body needs to break the collagen over and over again via the digestive system and then is absorbed through the intestine into the bloodstream as the exact form needed. The big drawback of collagen protein ingested this way is that it is often incomplete, which means the body does not use the protein as well as it could and the benefits are minimal. It is this reason that many forums relating to bodybuilding feel that collagen protein is of no use for the building of lean muscle mass. This is where FrogFuel comes in.

Collagen is the second most abundant substance in our body behind water (collagen makes up 30% of our body by volume) and is the most prolific protein to be found in our body, roughly 65% of the total protein in our body.
Collagen also serves as the connective tissue and main component of many of our body structures. Benefits of it are:

  • Improved muscle & skin tone
  • Increased joint mobility and reduced joint pain
  • Healthier bones, arteries, hair, and teeth

As we hit our early 30’s the body’s ability to naturally produce collagen starts to decrease at an average rate of 1% a year. Reduced collagen in the body has the following effects on the body:

  • Muscle and skin start to sag
  • Joints and ligaments lose their elasticity
  • Cartilage becomes thinner and weaker at the joints
  • Hair starts to thin
  • Organs can start to sag (Prolapse) and malfunction
  • The heart, liver and prostate becomes larger and weakens
  • The arteries weaken and are more likely to develop a break in one of their three layers (aneurysm)
  • Skin becomes thinner and wrinkles

Amino acids are often referred to as ‘building blocks’ and with good reason. Once protein is digested it is broken down into amino acids and these amino acids are then put to their specific uses by the body. This in turn creates new proteins and these make up the various matter found within the body: skin, eyes, heart, hair, bones and muscle.
Amino acids can be categorized into three main types:

Essential Amino Acids
These AA are classified as ‘essential’ because the body cannot produce or synthesize them. They must be consumed in the diet or through supplements. FrogFuel contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids that each one offering its own benefits to the body.

  • Histidine- It has been used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, allergic diseases, ulcers and anemia - Deficiency of Histidine can result in a hearing deficit
  • Isoleucine-Important for nitrogen equilibrium in adults - Aids in rebuilding of muscle tissue - Aids in the release of energy during muscular work
  • Leucine- Assists in essential biochemical processes in the body used for energy - Increases mental alertness
  • Lysine- Helps calcium absorption - Helps form collagen - Aids in production of enzymes, hormones, antibodies 
  • Methionine- Lowers cholesterol - Helps prevent disorders of hair, skin, and nails - Reduces liver fat, protects kidneys, and promotes hair growth
  • Phenylalanine- Produces transmitting signals between the nerve cells and brain - Helps improve memory and maintain alertness - Reduces hunger pangs and acts as an antidepressant
  • Threonine- Aids in digestive system function - Prevents buildup in liver
  • Tryptophan- A natural relaxant - Helps migraine headaches - Helps reduce the risk of artery and heart spasms and assists to reduce cholesterol levels
  • Valine- Enhances mental energy - Can be used as emotional stabilizer - Aids muscle coordination

Non-Essential Amino Acids
These AA are classified as such because the body synthesizes; however, when the body is in a stressed state, the ability to synthesize adequate amounts is questionable; therefore it is a good idea to try to consume them when partaking in any rigorous training program.

  • Hydroxyproline- A powerful non-essential amino acid made from proline to make collagen and elastin - Found in high concentrations in all connective tissues - Strengthens tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels - Provides skin elasticity and helps repair fibrous tissue damage
  • Alanine- Considered important for the production of glucose in gluconeogenesis
  • Aspartic Acid- Aids in detoxification of ammonia - Assists in mineral uptake and helps protect liver function
  • Asparagine- Aids in metabolism of toxic ammonia in the body
  • Glutamic Acid- A neurotransmitter in the central nervous system - The monosodium salt often used in treatment of hepatic encephalopathies
  • Serine- Assists in fat and fatty acid metabolism, muscle formation, and maintaining a healthy immune system as well as helps build and maintain all musculature, including the heart

Conditional Essential Amino Acids
These AA Needed by the body at certain stages in life, some people are genetically unable to synthesize. Also, when the body is in a stressed state, the body is most often incapable of producing, which reflects the necessity to consume this category of Amino Acids.

  • Arginine- 32% nitrogen - Nitrogen is only found in protein and is required for cell growth - Insulin like growth factor which promotes healing - Aids in treatment of multiple conditions like Cachexia and pressure sores - Reduces risk of infections/immune enhancing properties - Increased polyamines/cell building blocks
  • Cysteine- Assists tissue repair and helps maintain skin flexibility - Promotes red and white blood cell reproduction - Chelates heavy metals
  • Glutamine- Improves nitrogen retention and dexterity - Reduces the incidence of infection and assists in mental functions
  • Glycine- Key in neurotransmission in the central nervous system - Can assist in treatment of conditions with abnormal nerve firing - Can be used as gastric antacid and as part of treatment for myopathy - Aids in detoxification in the liver
  • Proline- Aids in lowering high blood pressure - Helpful in repairing fibrous tissue damage - Aids in skin flexibility in relation to aging
  • Tyrosine- Key in the formation of thyroid hormone, a precursor of melanin - Aids in stabilizing blood pressure by lowering energy or elevating energy as needed
  • Taurine- A powerful Conditionally Essential AA - Helps protect cell membranes - Helps balance calcium and potassium as well as ventricular performance in heart muscle

While FrogFuel has many health benefits the main reason many of us will use FrogFuel is for optimal performance when exercising. As FrogFuel is a hydrolyzed collagen protein it is perfect to take before, during and after workouts thanks to the fast absorption rate. As collagen is a naturally occurring substance within the body there is nothing more suited to naturally boost lean muscle, decrease recovery time, rebuild damaged joint structures and improve cardiovascular performance.
FrogFuel has 15g of hydrolyzed collagen protein in each protein shot (there are 10g in an FrogFuel Ultra protein shot) and taken daily will only serve to improve any athletic performance you partake in.

FrogFuel is not just used to improve athletic endurance, recovery and a healthy body, FrogFuel has been classified as a medical-grade food product by the FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) and has been used to great success in the treatment of:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Malnutrition
  • Post-surgery
  • Fatigue And other debilitating conditions